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last update @ July 11, 2016

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July 11, 2016 ------------
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Card Shop ): naptime04
- New Decks: karasuno01, karasuno18, teruterubozu17, teruterubozu18
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Doubles Exchange ): Exchanged mugiwara203 for circustrio15
- Deck Suggestion: priceoffate219, sunnydays14
- Winter Bargain: urbanexorcists10
- Upcoming Deck Vote: manwife04, cranegame20
- Pick a Chi: circustrio05
- Snow Day Freebies: vampireslayers19, twinstars17
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05
- Winter Mash: lightbringers11, detectives04
- Frozen Puzzle: inspring14, mugiwara203
- Seasons Spin: firewaterwind05, appletree03
- Cubed Ice: priceoffate108
- XOcolate: ordine09, saberlily01, appletree17
- Memory Lane: evas14, priceoffate210
- Snowflake Guess: gentlebreeze01, firewaterwind02

July 02, 2016 ------------
- Winter Bargain: heavensfeel12
- Mastered dragonsrage: rainyseason01, eternalsnow04, ctarlctarl01, snowball x 20
- Mastered roses: ivalice02, sunguardians20, forbiddenlove16, snowball x 20
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Doubles Exchange ): Exchanged dragonsrage09 for marshmallowjustice04
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Card Shop ): chefs10
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Doubles Exchange ): Exchanged legends02 for wonderland15
- Upcoming Deck Vote: appletree04, circustrio03
- Snow Day Freebies: dragonsrage09, sunshinedragon18
- Pick a Chi: inspring12, solemngrace17, rainyseason02, saberlily15
- Winter Mash: legends13, strawberryvalentine01
- Slice Seek: marshmallowjustice07, gardenofavalon14
- Powderball: angelicgoddess08
- Winter is Coming: fortheteam12
- Avalanche: evas09, bunnygirl01
- Cubed Ice: dominator09, jellyfish13
- Snow by Clamp: legends02, thunderbeast11
- Snowflake Guess: whitewedding07, moonstars05
- Snow Bin: Traded in sunshinedragon08 for sailorgems17
- Pick a Chi ( Happy ): marshmallowjustice06, solemngrace05
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05

June 26, 2016 ------------
- Winter Bargain: bubblegum19

June 25, 2016 ------------
- New Decks: naptime16, naptime20, disappearance17
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Doubles Exchange ): Exchanged dragonsrage05, dragonsrage15, jellyfish19 for patissiere19, scouts19, springrain09
- Golden Match ( sweetseason07, pharaoh15 ): whitewedding13, festival20, jellyfish19
- New Decks: dominator15, dominator20, pharaoh15, sweetseason07
- Snow Bin: Traded in darknight19 for evas04
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Doubles Exchange ): Exchanged mugiwara215 for chefs15
- Mastered jellyfish: sweetseason05, dragonsrage15, mugiwara215, snowball x 20
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Doubles Exchange ): Exchanged dragonsrage08, jellyfish04, jellyfish18 for obsession20, ctarlctarl13, naptime11
- Upcoming Deck Vote: arcade17, mugiwara116
- Winter Mash: sweetseason16, wonderland14, snowball x 02
- Slice Seek: ivalice09, manwife03
- Frozen Puzzle: patissiere14, naptime15
- Powderball: darknight16, whitedragon03
- Winter is Coming: whitedragon07
- Avalanche: wei02, bunnygirl07
- Memory Lane: sweetseason10, moonkeeper04
- Pick a Chi: summerstroll02, snowball x 01
- Snow Day Freebies: yinyang01, firewaterwind07
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05

June 24, 2016 ------------
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Card Shop ): karasuno03

June 22, 2016 ------------
- Winter Bargain: karasuno17

June 20, 2016 ------------
- Deck Suggestion: models07, sweetseason19
- Upcoming Deck Vote: jellyfish04, angelicgoddess09, snowball x 02
- Snow Day Freebies: festival12, littlelamb17, snowball x 01
- Winter Mash: strawberryvalentine17, firewaterwind07
- Slice Seek: mugiwara206, passionateembrace17, snowball x 01
- Frozen Puzzle: lightbringers13, sunguardians06
- Avalanche: angelsdescent03, jellyfish18
- 21 Jack Street: moonkeeper04, strawberryvalentine09
- Snow by Clamp: gentlebreeze02, manwife07
- Memory Lane: sunnydays01, whitedestiny04
- Snowflake Guess: suits01, strawberry19
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05
- Pick a Chi ( Happy ): idol18, patissiere04
- Pick a Chi: eternalsnow07

June 17, 2016 ------------
- Powderball: whitedemon14
- Winter is Coming: strawberry05, wei12
- Snowflake Guess: solemngrace19, dragonsrage08, snowball x 01
- Seasons Spin: forbiddenlove06, scouts20, angelsdescent11
- XOcolate: solemngrace10, obsession18
- Frozen Puzzle: heavensfeel07, obsession06
- Winter Bargain: firewaterwind08
- Winter Mash: wonderland20, strawberry01
- Upcoming Deck Vote: ivalice19, summerstroll18
- Slice Seek: darknight19, yinyang15
- Snow Day Freebies: obsession07, angelsdemons09
- Pick a Chi: whitedragon18, mugiwara208

June 05, 2016 ------------
- Seasons Spin: angelsdemons10
- Slice Seek: darknight13, gardenofavalon16
- Winter Mash: whitewedding08, idol01
- Snow Day Freebies: strawberryvalentine07, idol13
- XOcolate: inspring13
- Snow by Clamp: whitewedding17, bubblebath02
- 21 Jack Street: littlequeens01, moonstars13
- Cubed Ice: sunshinedragon08
- Pick a Chi: scouts01, beneaththemoon13
- Upcoming Deck Vote: bubblegum11, moonstars09
- Memory Lane: mugiwara109, sunguardians12
- Winter Bargain: sailorgems06
- Pick a Chi ( Happy ): deimondevilbats04, dragonsrage05, snowball x 02
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05

June 03, 2016 ------------
- Wish ( One Month Anniversary ): dragonsrage18, jellyfish18, wei19, whitedemon17, littlelamb20
- New Decks: fortheteam08, fortheteam13, festival06, festival11, gardenofavalon20

June 02, 2016 ------------
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Doubles Exchange ): Exchanged thunderbeast08 for thunderbeast07
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Snowfall Package ): thunderbeast08, lightbringers12, circustrio03

May 31, 2016 ------------
- Level Up to Level 2 ( Two ): roses16, bunnygirl13, snowball x 20
- Snowball Exchange Center ( Card Shop ): legends18
- Deck Suggestion ( Bonus Reward ): thunderbeast08, passionateembrace04, firewaterwind18, angelsdescent14

May 28, 2016 ------------
- Deck Suggestion ( Bonus Reward ): strawberry12, twinstars12, obsession10, angelsdescent13, inspring02
- Slice Seek: cagedbirds16, littlelamb01
- Snow by Clamp: ivalice11, scouts20
- Upcoming Deck Vote: angelsdescent08, obsession05
- Frozen Puzzle: fortheteam10, strawberry08
- Snowflake Guess: deimondevilbats12, suits06, snowball x 02
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05
- Memory Lane: mugiwara203, solemngrace15
- Seasons Spin: mugiwara110, heavensfeel04
- Winter Mash: detectives13, appletree14
- Pick a Chi: peacefulspring17, festival08, wonderland07, snowball x 02
- 21 Jack Street: obsession16, littlequeens03
- Snow Day Freebies: evas20, moonstars09

May 27, 2016 ------------
- Snow Bin: Traded in strawberry08 for dragonsrage01
- Winter Bargain: mugiwara218
- Golden Match ( detectives18, moonkeeper08 ): cherries03, beneaththemoon19, solemngrace14
- Wish ( First Level Ups ): jellyfish19, roses15, detectives18, whitedemon19, littlelamb09
- Update Freebies ( 21 May 2016 ): New Decks: dragonsrage10, dragonsrage20, legends15, legends19, moonkeeper08

May 22, 2016 ------------
- Weekly Snowball Freebies: snowball x 05
- Approved: strawberry08, angelsdemons07
- Upcoming Deck Vote: marshmallowjustice01, kouempire01

May 21, 2016 ------------
- Winter Mash: scouts14, legends05
- Slice Seek: sunshinedragon15, summerstroll14
- Frozen Puzzle: obsession19, sunshinedragon13
- XOcolate: solemngrace13, moonstars06, eternalsnow02
- Snow by Clamp: vampireslayers10, strawberry14
- Memory Lane: appletree14, circustrio12
- Winter is Coming: jellyfish09, snowball x 02
- Pick a Chi: vampireslayers16, bunnygirl10, lightbringers16
- Snow Day Freebies: idol01, yinyang14

May 19, 2016 ------------
- Snow Bin: Traded in ctarlctarl07 for jellyfish02
- Winter Bargain: firewaterwind10
- Snow Day Freebies: whitewedding17, whitedragon11
- Upcoming Deck Vote: angelsdemons15, ctarlctarl07
- Pick a Chi: lightbringers13
- Winter Mash: thunderbeast17, yinyang09, snowball x 02
- Slice Seek: idol18, firewaterwind01
- Seasons Spin: jellyfish13, snowball x 01
- Powderball: angelicgoddess03, solemngrace10, eternalsnow10, bubblebath13
- Winter is Coming: angelsdescent20
- Avalanche: obsession12, strawberry02
- Memory Lane: whitewedding19, angelsdescent18
- Snowflake Guess: twinstars18, gunner14
- Deck Suggestion: bubblebath05, littlelamb03
- STARTER PACK: littlelamb05, sunguardians05, suits14, suits04, heavensfeel13, picnic13

July 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Vanja: my priceoffate210 for coloredshirts03
- Traded Hotaru: my strawberryvalentine17 for chefs03
- Traded Echo: my appletree04 for coloredshirts18
- Traded Lee: my moonkeeper04 for mugiwara201
- Traded Dite: my idol18 for naptime18
- Traded Amber: my solemngrace17, sailorgems17 for chefs01, coloredshirts17
- Traded Jannet: my evas09 for karasuno05
- Traded Mirai: my summerstroll18 for bubblegum18
- Traded Story: my sunshinedragon18 for naptime06
- Traded Vanja: my roses11, rainyseason01, rainyseason02 for karasuno05, naptime10, firewaterwind03

July 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Samichan: my summerstroll02, whitedragon07 for karasuno12, dominator08
- Traded Maron: my angelsdescent03, angelsdescent14 for bubblegum04, dominator17
- Traded Skuld: my ctarlctarl13, lightbringers12 for roses06, roses20
- Traded Story: my whitedragon18, mc-Ets for dominator05, mc-Story
- Traded Cate: my littlelamb17, obsession05, forbiddenlove06, mc-Ets for littlelamb08, bubblegum17, dominator13, mc-Cate
- Traded Kairi: my solemngrace19, strawberry12 for dragonsrage16, fortheteam17
- Traded Jessica: my angelsdescent13 for fortheteam07

June 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Mirai: my whitedragon03, mc-Ets for chefs04, mc-Mirai
- Traded Beatrix: my lightbringers13, obsession06, mc-Ets for chefs02, dominator07, mc-Beatrix
- Traded Cami: my strawberry05 for karasuno08
- Traded Wing: my moonkeeper04, mc-Ets for naptime17, mc-Wing
- Traded Megumi: my yinyang15 for roses07
- Traded Echo: my festival06, festival11, patissiere14, strawberry01, mc-Ets for karasuno02, roses04, bubblegum05, mugiwara220, mc-Echo

June 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lex: my scouts01, scouts20 for chefs13, karasuno15
- Traded Eon: my heavensfeel07, sweetseason05, sweetseason10, sweetseason19, bunnygirl07, circustrio03, deimondevilbats04, gentlebreeze02, inspring02, inspring13 for karasuno06, karasuno11, roses12, roses13, roses17, legends12, legends20, mugiwara210, mugiwara211, fortheteam14
- Traded Rosenel: my sunguardians06, mc-Ets for roses09, mc-Rosenel

June 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Auriianna: my sailorgems06, manwife03, beneaththemoon13, mc-Ets for chefs16, karasuno14, mugiwara219, mc-Auriianna
- Traded Kearin: my whitewedding19 for karasuno10
- Traded Kearin: my whitedestiny04, wonderland20 for chefs08, mugiwara204
- Traded Cassidy: my angelsdemons09, strawberryvalentine07 for roses02, roses03
- Traded Vanja: my gardenofavalon16, whitedemon14 for chefs20, bubblegum16
- Traded Renako: my evas04 for chefs12
- Traded Chiisai: my thunderbeast07 for fortheteam06
- Traded Mysti: my ivalice09, bubblebath02, eternalsnow07, wei02, wei12, wei19, wonderland14 for chefs09, jellyfish07, jellyfish16, karasuno20, karasuno07, karasuno09, karasuno16
- Traded Amber: my pharaoh15, solemngrace15, scouts19, firewaterwind07, twinstars12 for chefs11, karasuno19, dominator06, dominator09, roses05
- Traded Vanja: my ivalice19 for firewaterwind20
- Traded Samichan: my darknight13 for firewaterwind09
- Traded Samichan: my sunshinedragon15 for dragonsrage12
- Traded Mysti: my lightbringers16, whitedemon17, detectives18 for dragonsrage04, dragonsrage05, dragonsrage11

June 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded Koshiba: my models07 for chefs05
- Traded Dite: my manwife07 for chefs18

June 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Renako: my littlequeens01, littlequeens03 for chefs17, karasuno04
- Traded Renako: my solemngrace10 for chefs14

June 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Hotaru: my angelsdemons10 for roses10

June 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lex: my cagedbirds16, wonderland07 for fortheteam01, legends17
- Traded Mandyrobin: my appletree14, mc-Ets for littlelamb12, mc-Mandyrobin

June 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kearin: my obsession16, mc-Ets for dragonsrage08, mc-Kearin
- Traded Mina: my strawberry12, scouts20 for jellyfish10, jellyfish12
- Traded Mousey: my thunderbeast08 for fortheteam15
- Traded Liz: my heavensfeel04, ivalice11, mc-Ets for dragonsrage09, legends04, mc-Liz
- Traded Cassidy: my deimondevilbats12, festival08 for littlelamb13, firewaterwind19
- Traded Amber: my bunnygirl13, passionateembrace04, suits06 for fortheteam09, fortheteam19, littlelamb06

June 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Angelrose: my whitedragon11, mc-Ets for legends11, mc-angelrose
- Traded Kristi: my angelsdemons07, mc-Ets for dragonsrage19, mc-Kristi
- Traded Lee: my detectives13, evas20, peacefulspring17 for roses11, fortheteam05, legends08

May 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Dite: my angelsdescent08 for roses08
- Traded Cami: my thunderbeast17, vampireslayers16, beneaththemoon19, circustrio12, bunnygirl10, strawberry14, mc-Ets for jellyfish15, littlelamb02, firewaterwind04, roses01, roses11, roses14, mc-Cami
- Traded Mousey: my idol01, picnic13, bubblebath13, mc-Ets for littlelamb17, littlelamb18, mugiwara215, mc-Mousey

May 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jessica: my solemngrace10, mc-Ets for legends06, mc-Jessica
- Traded Lex: my scouts14, moonstars06, marshmallowjustice01, mc-Ets for littlelamb07, dragonsrage14, legends02, mc-Lex
- Traded Skuld: my appletree14, mc-Ets for legends01, mc-Skuld
- Traded Evie: my solemngrace13 for dragonsrage15
- Traded Moe: my vampireslayers10, kouempire01, mc-Ets for dragonsrage02, firewaterwind05, mc-Moe
- Traded Jannet: my obsession19, summerstroll14, sunshinedragon13, mc-Ets for littlelamb04, littlelamb11, roses18, mc-Jannet

May 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Megumi: my cherries03, whitedestiny08, mc-Ets for jellyfish17, dragonsrage07, mc-Megumi
- Traded Mysti: my whitedemon19, moonkeeper08, lightbringers13, mc-Ets for littlelamb01, roses19, whitedestiny08, mc-Mysti
- Traded Amber: my solemngrace14 for legends03
- Traded Lee: my yinyang14, mc-Ets for dragonsrage13, mc-Lee
- Traded Renako: my solemngrace13, lightbringers05, mc-Ets for dragonsrage06, dragonsrage17, mc-Renako
- Traded Kairi: my angelsdescent18, angelsdescent20, mc-Ets for dragonsrage03, legends09, mc-Kairi

May 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Hotaru: my eternalsnow02, eternalsnow10, mc-Ets for legends07, lightbringers05, mc-Hotaru

May 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassidy: my angelsdemons15, mc-Ets for jellyfish01, mc-Cassidy
- Traded Koshiba: my twinstars18, mc-Ets for littlelamb19, mc-Koshiba
- Traded Amber: my whitewedding17, mc-Ets for jellyfish05, mc-Amber
- Traded Samichan: my yinyang09, mc-Ets for jellyfish08, mc-Samichan
- Traded Vanja: my gunner14, mc-Ets for jellyfish11, mc-Vanja
- Traded Evie: my idol18, mc-Ets for littlelamb16, mc-Evie
- Traded Mina: my strawberry02, mc-Ets for jellyfish06, mc-Mina

May 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Dite: my angelicgoddess03, suits04, suits14 for jellyfish03, jellyfish04, jellyfish20, mc-Dite
- Traded Chiisai: my bubblebath05, mc-Ets for jellyfish14, mc-Chiisai
- Traded Maron: my obsession12 for firewaterwind14, mc-Maron
- Traded Eon: my heavensfeel13 for littlelamb15

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Personal trade policy

Collecting, High Priority: Please do not request for cards in these sections unless I offer the cards first.

Low Priority: I will only trade these out for cards in my Collecting decks.

Far Futures: How I deal with these cards varies depending on the TCG. Please read the paragraph above that section.

Trading: Please offer me cards from my Collecting or Futures. I would also be happy to accept deck release/wish slots. If you're a trade buddy, I'll trade these for anything. If not, link your trade pile and I will find something :)

Forum/DW rewards: If you see that I've earned a card in a forum/DW post but have not added it to my trade post yet, feel free to email me about that card; I'll be glad to take trades for them.

Dear trade buddies:

Feel free to use the eTCG form to reserve any cards you need in my trade pile. Offer me 'card00' if you're not sure what to offer.

Also, please consider any eTCG requests for cards in my trade pile automatically approved once you send them in (assuming you are asking for cards in my trade pile and offering cards I want). You can add them to your trading piles directly.

If you need any cards in any of my sections (even Collecting) for the last few cards to master a deck, just drop me a message.

Thank you, lovely people!