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player Ets // joined 14 Jun 2013 // card worth 1369
last update @ June 20, 2016

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archived activity logs // archived trade logs

June 20, 2016 ------------
- Find Sonic: wildrose14, mazeoflife16, earth
- Mario's Memory: dramaclub03, bigfoot28, water
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: intertwine13, etro10
- Cortana's Covers: basement19, johto28, light
- Solid Snake's Screenshots: neutral07, crescendo01, water
- Phoenix's Publishers: spring07, enchanted20, metal
- Navi's Quote: fireflies25, raccooncity05, air
- Leon's Lottery: conception07, 3days25, air
- Bayonetta's Blackjack: tailwind07, illumination09
- Rikku's Alchemy (5 character card pack): golemancy09, ruffrabbit14, wives06, nora06, birthday11
- Locked Chest: walkers25, futurelondon27, uroboros23, twins17, fire, ice

June 17, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I?: ponyville10

June 09, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I?: exhitman06
- Who Am I?: islands29

June 06, 2016 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (5 character card pack): hospital01, devas02, duplicitous05, tibbers01, cocky08

June 03, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I?: children03
- Who Am I?: dreams09

June 01, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I?: enchanted07
- Alucard's Alphabet: exploration05, relationships11
- Alucard's Alphabet: lastalia20, lighthouses16
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (End): skullheart15, corporation15, returners30, corrupted11, love, water
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (Round 3): dinosaur15, resurrection21, plant
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (Round 2): passport05, jabberwock19, air
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (Round 1): overseer23, neomitochondrial11, plant

May 31, 2016 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet: subspace06, enchanted17
- Item Finder #13: masteremerald02, evil
- Who Am I?: rosewar10

May 26, 2016 ------------
- Name Suggestions: albion02, ice
- Find Sonic: dragonsgate24, spacecraft24, light
- Who am I?: spiritrush11
- Who am I? (Winner) : nun05, outland03, goldenapple06, etoile18, adventurer10, water, flask
- Who Am I?: cookies07

May 25, 2016 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet: castleoblivion02, grima13
- Alucard's Alphabet: roleplaying12, worldthread04, luxendarc17
- Alucard's Alphabet: castleoblivion14, paradox01, gravity25

May 22, 2016 ------------
- Jirachi's Wish: light
- Handsome Jack's Deck Vote: air
- Venom's Voice Actors: zodiac13, sochi201422, air
- Shinra's Bestiary: theoutsider06, logic24, metal
- Lee Sin's Vision: ashunera27, microwave01, dark
- Ike's Intel: jabberwock06, spacecraft12, ice
- Duke's Card Destruction: wellington18, coronation23, love
- Chun-Li's Brawl: 7years01, giygas19, evil
- Chell's Card Puzzle: mayor10, fabletown23, love

May 19, 2016 ------------
- Amnesia Boyfriend (Diamond): sunwell14, albhed02, earth
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: centralcore11, kidnap06
- Solid Snake's Screenshots: angelwing06, books08, plant
- Phoenix's Publishers: valoran04, cookies02, metal
- Navi's Quote: logic08, lifestyle30, metal
- Cortana's Covers: hallway23, frozenflame13, dark
- Mario's Memory: projectg21, jabberwock16, dark
- Leon's Lottery: murder19, 7years23, water
- Bayonetta's Blackjack: gvirus06, battlesuit14

May 16, 2016 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (10 game card pack): moods06, castleoblivion15, masteremerald11, devilforgemaster19, spyrix25, nomario28, giants07, geosis28, evert21, tvworld17
- Rikku's Alchemy (10 game card pack): coronation14, spyrix26, origami13, animus05, bloom26, symbology24, grancenturio30, earthmate05, nitemare14, coronation15

May 15, 2016 ------------
- Rosalina's Release Dates: overseer17, pro12, love
- Sora's Keyblades: intertwine08, gullwings13, earth
- Tik Tak Toe: mapleworld03, subspace06, air
- Pit's Puzzle: rhyme09, zoanthrope18, light
- Lucca's Telepod: amaterasu03, kidnap03, ice
- Character Select: pilgrimage13, twins17, water
- Crash's Consoles: ahriman08, fabletown28, flask
- Eyes on Me: buckshot03, sacrifice13, evil

May 10, 2016 ------------
- Who am I? (question): ipraseru02

May 03, 2016 ------------
- Item Finder #10: animus29, ice

May 02, 2016 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (choice card): prototype01, prototype03, prototype15

May 01, 2016 ------------
- Achievements (Opinionated): johto06, crossbill07, swallow13, thighs08
- Alucard Special: amnesia01
- Alucard's Alphabet: ponyville27, neoarcadia05, frostmourne12, water, ice

April 29, 2016 ------------
- Doubles Exchange: mapleworld06, tvworld12 for mist02, lollipops09
- Mythical Pokemon Distribution - April: wish08
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: aristocrats08, mutation22
- Who Am I (question)?: mapleworld06, plant
- Item Finder #9: fabletown26, ice

April 28, 2016 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet: report04, spacecraft05, nun11, light, water

April 27, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I (question)?: mist06
- Jirachi's Wish: 1 set of reagents

April 26, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I (error)?: flask
- Who Am I (question)?: fresco12
- Name Suggestions: crystalarrow01, air
- Alucard's Alphabet: evert26, truerunes01

April 25, 2016 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (5 character card pack): mossrock02, eggman01, bloodthirsty01, gullwings01, problemsolver15
- Duke's Card Destruction: projectg07, paradox12, fire
- Chun-Li's Brawl: moods19, futurelondon25, metal
- Shinra's Bestiary: devilgolem12, lollipops08, light
- Venom's Voice Actors: ashunera11, overdive12, water
- Chell's Card Puzzle: superhappytree17, tvworld12, plant
- Lee Sin's Vision: quests09, luxendarc10, ice
- Ike's Intel: mother03, pinkhair15, air
- Amnesia Boyfriend (Diamond): canary12, summoner10, evil

April 22, 2016 ------------
- Error Report: tvworld26
- Achievements (Alpha): superhappytree05, experiment13
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: mist05, crossbill01
- Alucard's Alphabet: seed30, bloom08, subspace24, truebeauty15, earth, metal

April 20, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I? (guess) : tartarus07

April 19, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I? (Guess): rakyat18
- Item Finder #8: ideal13, earth
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: widget10, ultimatehope13
- Solid Snake's Screenshots: ressentiment05, keyblade15, light
- Phoenix's Publishers: ashunera15, poltergust18, love
- Navi's Quote: wildrose07, mother17, ice
- Mario's Memory: picrites10, mapleworld06, plant
- Leon's Lottery: brewmasters03, water
- Cortana's Covers: geosis17, ipraseru27, light
- Bayonetta's Blackjack: mossrock14, brotherhood01

April 18, 2016 ------------
- Stamp Card: exploration25, vault14, herooftime09, metal, dark
- Stamp Card: blarg15, showbiz21, transsexual02, fire, metal
- Stamp Card: 3days11, moods22, firestone11, metal, ice
- Stamp Card: grancenturio27, raccooncity20, ruin01, water, fire
- Name Suggestions: megaflare10, flask
- Rikku's Alchemy (5 character card pack): rockeaters14, buckshot01, gullwings12, eggman08, knockout03

April 17, 2016 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (choice card): principal12
- Rikku's Alchemy (choice card): three06
- Rikku's Alchemy (choice card): three01

April 15, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I (guess)?: theeye05
- Freebies (BABY 03-26-16): ambidex13, principal01, turnabout30, prototype11, lifestream03, futurelondon26, terra16
- Freebies (META): ambidex10, terra25, three09, principal03
- Freebies (FIRST): four01, ambidex26, three05, lifestream21, terra09

April 14, 2016 ------------
- Level Up: nonary01, turnabout19, aspirations27, blades13
- Level Up: nonary06, lasplagas27, groovetron06, commitment13
- Achievements (Stamp Lover): petal09, soulmate01, fire, fire
- Achievements (NPC): birthday10, chimichanga10
- Achievements (Noob Gamer): seed04, devilgolem26
- Doubles Exchange: focus09, onewinged13 for explode11, summoner06
- Level Up: nonary08, superhappytree12, relic04, nun06
- Mastered murder: nonary05, nonary29, pinkhair18, heartflame24, tvworld12, evolution07
- Doubles Exchange: fallingstar19, murder24, murder16 for wardens03, ambidex29, ark21
- Mastered heir: murder05, murder10, moods24, roleplaying16, zenobia22, amaterasu09
- Jirachi's Wish: nonary30, lifestream25, timetravel10
- Deck Release: wish11, wish14, pigeonation08, pigeonation12
- Name Suggestions: bountyhunter03, plant
- Stamp Card: moodlets13, raccooncity15, albhed05, air, water
- Stamp Card: superhappytree26, fallingstar19, dairyfarmer02, dark, dark
- Stamp Card: wasteland13, psypher05, vampirekiller09, earth, evil
- Stamp Card: 7years05, ranch29, rockeaters01, water, dark
- Rikku's Alchemy (5 character card pack): calamity14, cocky13, whimsy11, focus09, dopey12
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: tattoo29, thecourier22
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: clubmaster17, larva22

April 13, 2016 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet Special: cryofreeze08

April 12, 2016 ------------
- Who Am I? (Guess): futurelondon13
- Who Am I? (Guess): fabric26
- Item Finder #7: intertwine01, flask, earth

April 11, 2016 ------------
- Stamp Card: awesome08, grima17, calamity12, earth, ice
- Stamp Card: corporation09, corporation06, sixthsense02, fire, dark
- Stamp Card: tvworld02, moodlets16, soulshift06, ice, evil
- Stamp Card: process07, zenith05, detective04, metal, evil
- Doubles Exchange: nonary24, candies09 for relationships19, zodiac15
- Wish: 1 set of reagents
- Sora's Keyblades: justice09, prototype05, dark
- Pit's Puzzle: valoran22, outland22, evil
- Tik Tak Toe: raccooncity26, niflheim16, water
- Rosalina's Release Dates: candies09, overseer21, air
- Character Select: nitemare11, ashunera01, plant
- Lucca's Telepod: seductive14, pies05, love
- Eyes on Me: legacy04, cravat05, evil
- Crash's Consoles: fathermother27, cookies23, ice

April 10, 2016 ------------
- psypher10, nonary24, report13, groovetron19, jabberwock02, memoryloss27, ministars27, rhyme29, etoile01, home09

April 09, 2016 ------------
- Item Finder #6: goldenapple07, ice
- Doubles Exchange: dojo08, lockpick04, ranch10 for bountyhunter08, bearsona04, mvpbattle22
- Bonus card worth from reset (31): ancestor15, sticker06, amaterasu11, fengshui11, firestone15, dojo08, wish15, lockpick04, canary01, kidnapped07, edenia02, tailwind05, gunblade01, deathlotus06, onewinged13, score17
- Name Suggestions: bachelor08, love
- Find Sonic: murder08, pigeonation13, dark
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (End): ambidex30, mutation05, passport21, pigeonation19, light, metal
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (Round 3): cookies21, poltergust02, water
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (Round 2): cookies03, bigfoot10, water
- Professor Layton's Puzzle Series (Round 1): projectg10, heartflame13, air
- Jirachi's Wish: earth
- Handsome Jack's Deck Vote: dark
- Venom's Voice Actors: missing20, azeroth13, plant
- Shinra's Bestiary: castleoblivion01, bau09, flask
- Lee Sin's Vision: corrupted02, blarg10, metal
- Ike's Intel: futurelondon02, overseer08, fire
- Chell's Card Puzzle: sanity14, ark13, evil
- Duke's Card Destruction: psypher26, returners12, earth
- Chun-Li's Brawl: dovahkiin05, fallingstar19, dark
- Amnesia Boyfriend (Clover): savior08, canary07, water
- Mario's Memory: motivation02, terra24, metal
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: six09, fountain09
- Solid Snake's Screenshots: etro05, dhampir04, metal
- Phoenix's Publishers: ranch10, dovahkiin11, ice
- Navi's Quote: ropemaiden19, spyrix14, fire
- Leon's Lottery: dinosaur12, subspace20, air
- Cortana's Covers: process20, masquerpets14, water
- Bayonetta's Blackjack: earphones06, pies06
- Tik Tak Toe: 7years24, masks05, love
- Sora's Keyblades: starcall11, chargers05, flask
- Rosalina's Release Dates: devilgolem11, nitemare14, fire
- Pit's Puzzle: theoutsider28, challenger25, metal
- Lucca's Telepod: contrary15, sunking05, fire
- Character Select: timestones09, rosewar27, air
- Crash's Consoles: warofheroes08, projectg18, dark
- Eyes on Me: priestess11, strong05, ice
- Mastery Bonus (volcano): volcano09, volcano04, volcano10, volcano13, volcano08
- Mastery Bonus (maiko): maiko07, maiko03, maiko12, maiko10, maiko01
- Mastery Bonus (lockpick): lockpick06, lockpick09, lockpick15, lockpick14, lockpick04
- Mastery Bonus (esper): esper04, esper07, esper11, esper01, esper02
- Mastery Bonus (widget): widget07, widget08, widget13, widget05, widget12
- Mastery Bonus (coffee): coffee05, coffee10, coffee08, coffee04, coffee13
- Mastery Bonus (three): three04, three08, three12, three02, three07
- Mastery Bonus (canary): canary09, canary02, canary10, canary04, canary14
- Mastery Bonus (soldier): soldier05, soldier09, soldier13, soldier06, soldier11
- Mastery Bonus (six): six06, six04, six05, six15, six12
- Mastery Bonus (ancestor): ancestor14, ancestor04, ancestor01, ancestor05, ancestor08
- Mastery Bonus (report): report11, report10, report22, report26, report15, report05, report29, report04, report30, report16
- Mastery Bonus (conception): conception06, conception27, conception22, conception12, conception25, conception08, conception23, conception18, conception04, conception01
- Mastery Bonus (tattoo): tattoo13, tattoo10, tattoo15, tattoo30, tattoo18, tattoo14, tattoo29, tattoo09, tattoo05, tattoo17
- Mastery Bonus (clubmaster): clubmaster13, clubmaster10, clubmaster25, clubmaster14, clubmaster01, clubmaster21, clubmaster24, clubmaster18, clubmaster09, clubmaster12
- Mastery Bonus (soulmate): soulmate12, soulmate14, soulmate17, soulmate07, soulmate26, soulmate08, soulmate20, soulmate18, soulmate02
- Mastery Bonus (dojo): dojo08, dojo09, dojo13, dojo04, dojo03
- Mastery Bonus (pies): pies01, pies10, pies09, pies15, pies13
- Mastery Bonus (glimmerous): glimmerous10, glimmerous01, glimmerous05, glimmerous13, glimmerous11
- Mastery Bonus (seed): seed21, seed28, seed02, seed17, seed20, seed06, seed08, seed01, seed30, seed18
- Mastery Bonus (dinosaur): dinosaur30, dinosaur26, dinosaur09, dinosaur07, dinosaur14, dinosaur20, dinosaur28, dinosaur08, dinosaur23, dinosaur01
- Mastery Bonus (vault): vault11, vault27, vault25, vault20, vault14, vault10, vault02, vault15, vault04, vault28
- Mastery Bonus (booyaka): booyaka02, booyaka15, booyaka03, booyaka06, booyaka08
- Mastery Bonus (crystalarrow): crystalarrow08, crystalarrow07, crystalarrow10, crystalarrow02, crystalarrow09
- Mastery Bonus (herooftime): herooftime10, herooftime02, herooftime07, herooftime01, herooftime14
- Mastery Bonus (uroboros): uroboros22, uroboros24, uroboros08, uroboros25, uroboros29, uroboros14, uroboros07, uroboros27, uroboros30, uroboros02
- Mastery Bonus (firestone): firestone12, firestone10, firestone04, firestone13, firestone15
- Mastery Bonus (brush): brush21, brush09, brush17, brush16, brush30, brush01, brush06, brush13, brush25, brush19
- Mastery Bonus (golemancy): golemancy14, golemancy08, golemancy10, golemancy11, golemancy04
- Mastery Bonus (ministars): ministars09, ministars12, ministars02, ministars19, ministars10, ministars01, ministars14, ministars24, ministars23, ministars04
- Mastery Bonus (truebeauty): truebeauty14, truebeauty08, truebeauty04, truebeauty09, truebeauty02
- Mastery Bonus (diamonddust): diamonddust15, diamonddust11, diamonddust06, diamonddust10, diamonddust04
- Mastery Bonus (cocky): cocky07, cocky06, cocky10, cocky08, cocky14
- Mastery Bonus (heartflame): heartflame08, heartflame27, heartflame25, heartflame05, heartflame01, heartflame28, heartflame09, heartflame10, heartflame21, heartflame23
- Mastery Bonus (goldenapple): goldenapple12, goldenapple06, goldenapple07, goldenapple28, goldenapple08, goldenapple09, goldenapple10, goldenapple16, goldenapple04, goldenapple30
- Mastery Bonus (principal): principal08, principal09, principal13, principal04, principal03
- Mastery Bonus (mortality): mortality15, mortality07, mortality03, mortality01, mortality08
- Mastery Bonus (four): four05, four15, four08, four14, four02
- Mastery Bonus (ambidex): ambidex22, ambidex04, ambidex21, ambidex17, ambidex03, ambidex19, ambidex24, ambidex15, ambidex09, ambidex12
- Mastery Bonus (aspirations): aspirations19, aspirations18, aspirations03, aspirations09, aspirations06, aspirations22, aspirations10, aspirations02, aspirations26, aspirations29
- Mastery Bonus (ruin): ruin13, ruin05, ruin15, ruin03, ruin08
- Mastery Bonus (heir): heir06, heir01, heir09, heir04, heir15
- Mastery Bonus (terra): terra18, terra01, terra10, terra02, terra22, terra08, terra20, terra26, terra21, terra15
- Mastery Bonus (timetravel): timetravel11, timetravel04, timetravel05, timetravel03, timetravel01
- Mastery Bonus (foolish): foolish12, foolish15, foolish04, foolish03, foolish11
- Mastery Bonus (worldthread): worldthread22, worldthread25, worldthread01, worldthread13, worldthread03, worldthread06, worldthread10, worldthread09, worldthread20, worldthread30
- Mastery Bonus (moodlets): moodlets15, moodlets16, moodlets18, moodlets23, moodlets29, moodlets17, moodlets08, moodlets25, moodlets19, moodlets12
- Mastery Bonus (thunderbolt): thunderbolt08, thunderbolt04, thunderbolt01, thunderbolt15, thunderbolt11
- Mastery Bonus (two): two10, two02, two15, two11, two13
- Mastery Bonus (lifestream): lifestream11, lifestream27, lifestream24, lifestream14, lifestream15, lifestream01, lifestream10, lifestream23, lifestream20, lifestream18
- Mastery Bonus (paletree): paletree11, paletree02, paletree03, paletree14, paletree10
- Mastery Bonus (home): home16, home03, home01, home14, home22, home28, home05, home10, home19, home17
- Mastery Bonus (humanity): humanity17, humanity23, humanity02, humanity05, humanity11, humanity12, humanity29, humanity14, humanity19, humanity24
- Mastery Bonus (murder): murder16, murder03, murder07, murder25, murder28, murder09, murder18, murder04, murder16, murder11
- Mastery Bonus (albhed): albhed03, albhed01, albhed11, albhed14, albhed04
- Mastery Bonus (runaway): runaway11, runaway14, runaway02, runaway05, runaway10
- Mastery Bonus (fate): fate14, fate16, fate22, fate19, fate03, fate04, fate10, fate15, fate27, fate09
- Mastery Bonus (kunoichi): kunoichi03, kunoichi07, kunoichi11, kunoichi01, kunoichi14
- Mastery Bonus (objection): objection08, objection11, objection03, objection02, objection14
- Mastery Bonus (ranch): ranch18, ranch09, ranch03, ranch11, ranch23, ranch26, ranch10, ranch01, ranch07, ranch14
- Mastery Bonus (hiddenpeople): hiddenpeople03, hiddenpeople27, hiddenpeople18, hiddenpeople09, hiddenpeople30, hiddenpeople02, hiddenpeople12, hiddenpeople14, hiddenpeople25, hiddenpeople17
- Mastery Bonus (dhampir): dhampir13, dhampir11, dhampir14, dhampir03, dhampir09
- Mastery Bonus (rhythmia): rhythmia19, rhythmia23, rhythmia04, rhythmia06, rhythmia08, rhythmia11, rhythmia28, rhythmia30, rhythmia01, rhythmia03
- Mastery Bonus (pilgrimage): pilgrimage23, pilgrimage04, pilgrimage17, pilgrimage22, pilgrimage09, pilgrimage30, pilgrimage11, pilgrimage05, pilgrimage18, pilgrimage02
- Mastery Bonus (toadstool): toadstool09, toadstool02, toadstool03, toadstool14, toadstool07
- Mastery Bonus (dairyfarmer): dairyfarmer11, dairyfarmer03, dairyfarmer10, dairyfarmer05, dairyfarmer15
- Mastery Bonus (focus): focus09, focus11, focus15, focus12, focus03
- Mastery Bonus (nonary): nonary19, nonary24, nonary15, nonary11, nonary09, nonary25, nonary18, nonary02, nonary10, nonary23
- Mastery Bonus (deathlotus): deathlotus01, deathlotus04, deathlotus15, deathlotus07, deathlotus11
- Mastery Bonus (kweh): kweh04, kweh11, kweh09, kweh02, kweh13
- Mastery Bonus (cravat): cravat10, cravat03, cravat09, cravat15, cravat01
- Mastery Bonus (candies): candies11, candies15, candies30, candies24, candies03, candies29, candies14, candies06, candies18, candies22
- Mastery Bonus (calamity): calamity09, calamity15, calamity03, calamity02, calamity11
- Starter Pack: terra13, terra14, showbiz30, rhythmia28. evert11, johto16, masquerpets02

June 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rinoa: my home16, home22 for kidnap09

June 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded jesheckah: my kweh04, kweh13, volcano13 for logic17, johto28, picrites13, prototype08, paradox25

May 31, 2016 ------------
- Traded Vanja: my gravity25, giygas19, relic04 for glimmerous04, logic09

May 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Mousey: my booyaka06, wellington18, mc-Ets for glimmerous15, mist01, mc-Mousey

May 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded varina: my coronation14 for ambidex14
- Traded varina: my nun06, nun11 for kidnap08, kidnap11

May 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Dite: my lollipops09, pro12 for kidnap14

May 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rinoa: my caduceus15, evolution07 for kidnap10, kidnap12

May 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded jesheckah: my soulmate02, soulmate18, soulmate20, frostmourne12 for johto12, firestone01, firestone02

May 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nicolie: my ancestor04, quests09, superhappytree26 for rubylight13, jabberwock13, mist13
- Traded Vanja: my wardens03, roleplaying16 for rubylight06
- Traded jesheckah: my albhed04 for picrites01, seed14
- Traded Rinoa: my cryofreeze08, floralfallal04, summoner06, evert11 for prototype02, kidnap03, kidnap04, vault19
- Traded Mandyrobin: my ark21, detective04, eggman01, eggman08 for lifestream19, , maiko05, maiko13, mist03, mist12, maiko05, maiko13

May 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Samichan: my devilgolem12, paradox29, seed30, uroboros14 for pilgrimage28, mist10, mist21, mist26
- Traded Ash: my brush06, brush09, brush13, brush16, brush17, brush19, brush21, brush25, uroboros07, uroboros08, uroboros25, worldthread01, worldthread03, worldthread06, worldthread09, worldthread10, worldthread20, worldthread30 for paradox23, wish06, johto14, johto23, vault01, vault06, vault07, vault12, vault17, intertwine14, intertwine15, dopey15, onewinged12
- Traded Ash: my summoner10 for lifestream08, lifestream17

April 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rahenna: my vampirekiller09, contrary15, bearsona04, earphones06, theoutsider28 for etro03, rubylight02, onewinged14, vault18, vault23, mist09
- Traded Reno: my legacy04, mc-Ets for glimmerous02, mc-Reno (358)

April 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jennifer: my overseer17, overseer21, dairyfarmer02, dairyfarmer10 for picrites02, picrites07, seed29, mist27, onewinged07 (356)
- Traded Jackals: my priestess11 for four06 (350)

April 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rheanna: my moodlets16, moodlets23, moods19, moods22, moods24 for rhyme30, chargers06, floralfallal04 (348)
- Traded Dite: my crystalarrow01, seed30, dojo04 for johto09, johto17, report07, kunoichi15 (343)
- Traded Chiisai: my soulmate12, mc-Ets for turnabout08, mc-Chiisai (338, MC/37)
- Traded Evie: my tartarus07 for picrites11 (337)
- Traded Vanja: my wildrose07, mossrock02 for principal02, logic01 (336)
- Traded Mysti: my conception01, conception04, conception06, conception08, conception18, conception22, conception23, ultimatehope13, uroboros02, amaterasu11, ressentiment05, ruin01, ruin05, ruin08, ruin13 for prototype06, prototype09, widget11, hiddenpeople01, hiddenpeople04, hiddenpeople06, hiddenpeople08, hiddenpeople11, hiddenpeople15, hiddenpeople16, hiddenpeople20, hiddenpeople21, hiddenpeople23, hiddenpeople24, jabberwock01, jabberwock28, paradox27, picrites22, mist04 (333)

April 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Renako: my process07 for turnabout27 (311)
- Traded Rheanna: my moodlets13, mc-Ets for rhythmia07, mc-Rheanna (310, MC/36)
- Traded porom: my castleoblivion01, megaflare10 for paradox16, widget09 (309)

April 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Mandyrobin: my fallingstar19, ipraseru27, brewmasters03 for picrites09, turnabout12, canary13 (306)
- Traded jesheckah: my cookies21, report22 for cocky12 (302)

April 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded Auriianna: my niflheim16, calamity12 for johto08, turnabout16, turnabout23 (300)
- Traded Auriianna: my psypher05, psypher26, ranch29 for lifestream05, paradox03, paradox21 (297)
- Traded Lee: my volcano04 for intertwine05 (294)
- Traded Beatrix: my bloom08 for turnabout10 (292)

April 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jackals: my outland22, sunking05, mc-Ets for turnabout03, objection13, mc-Jackals (291, MC/35)

April 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Betty: my poltergust02, mc-Ets for ambidex06, mc-Betty (288, MC/34)
- Traded Samichan: my keyblade15, knockout03, truebeauty14, buckshot01, mossrock14, gullwings12, deathlotus01, deathlotus04, deathlotus06, deathlotus07, moodlets25, valoran22 for dopey13, maiko09, maiko11, maiko13, maiko14, paradox01, paradox05, paradox06, paradox07, paradox11, paradox14, paradox18, paradox19, paradox26, paradox28, paradox29, picrites20 (287)

April 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Dite: my showbiz21 for johto25 (263)
- Traded Eva: my moodlets08, moodlets15, moodlets17, moodlets18, mc-Ets for ambidex28, lifestream26, lifestream29, paradox08, mc-Eva (262, MC/32)
- Traded Varina: my toadstool07 for intertwine02 (258)
- Traded Rinamon: my truebeauty08, truebeauty09 for logic11, paradox29, pilgrimage03, pilgrimage19 (256)
- Traded Neenee: my thecourier22 for paradox02 (252)

[-10 due to miscalculation] (251)

April 18, 2016 ------------
- Traded Amanda: my dinosaur28, rhyme29, mc-Ets for ambidex01, paradox24, mc-Amanda (261, MC/31)
- Traded Dite: my commitment13, dojo03, runway11, runway14, starcall11, aspirations27, aspirations29, wasteland13 for esper09, kweh10, onewinged04, pies04, six08, soldier04, report23 (259)
- Traded Nejana: my explode11 for johto13, paradox10 (246)

April 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nicolie: my cookies03, cookies23, timestones09 for logic21, pilgrimage06, pilgrimage08 (244)
- Traded Cami: my etoile01 for lifestream09 (241)

April 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded Beatrix: my tattoo05, tattoo09, ropemaiden19, mc-Ets for wish01, report08, mc-Beatrix (240)

April 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rinoa: my gunblade01 for focus04 (237)
- Traded Nicolie: my fabric26, mc-Ets for terra12, mc-Nicolie (235, MC/30)
- Traded Samichan: my paletree02, paletree14, whimsy11, aspirations19, aspirations26 for onewinged08, candies05, candies08, candies13, candies16, candies17, candies19 (234)
- Traded Neenee: my brush30, mc-Ets for terra16, mc-Neenee (226, MC/29)
- Traded Ajisaitea: my memoryloss27, mc-Ets for logic11, mc-Ajisaitea (225, MC/28)
- Traded Mysti: my golemancy04, golemancy08, golemancy10, golemancy11, golemancy14 for soldier01, soldier02, soldier08, soldier14, widget15 (224)
- Traded Mysti: my futurelondon26, pigeonation08, pigeonation12, turnabout30, rhythmia28, home01, home03, home05, home09, home14, home17, home19, home28, rhythmia30, futurelondon13, pigeonation13, jabberwock02, ancestor01 for lifestream21, lifestream22, lifestream07, principal14, glimmerous03, glimmerous08, glimmerous09, glimmerous10, glimmerous14, widget02, widget03 (204)
- Traded jesheckah: my dinosaur09 for lifestream20 (185)

April 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my fountain09 for paradox15, candies28 (184)
- Traded Cami: my bau09, mc-Ets for paradox30, mc-Cami (183, MC/27)
- Traded Nova: my showbiz30, dinosaur20, moodlets29, crystalarrow02, mc-Ets for lifestream04, johto30, clubmaster29, timetravel09, mc-Nova (182, MC/26)
- Traded Nejana: my dovahkiin05, mc-Ets for murder30, mc-Nejana (177, MC/25)
- Traded Varina: my toadstool02, goldenapple07 for logic24, pilgrimage10, clubmaster02 (176)
- Traded Manda: my aspirations06, aspirations10 for intertwine10 (173)

April 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded porom: my mortality03, mc-Ets for nonary28, rhythmia04, mc-porom (171, MC/24)
- Traded Rinoa: my ancestor08, ancestor15 for murder19, logic23, intertwine07 (169)

April 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Renako: my herooftime10, tailwind05, azeroth13 for prototype14, logic03, pilgrimage21, clubmaster17 (165)
- Traded Evie: my passport21, moodlets16, mc-Ets for soldier10, mc-Evie (160)
- Traded Michelle: my ministars23, mc-Ets for ambidex21, mc-Michelle (158, MC/23)
- Traded Coco: my ranch07 for ambidex16 (157)
- Traded Dite: my crystalarrow09, moodlets12, moodlets19 for prototype12, clubmaster19, clubmaster23 (156)
- Traded Auriianna: my calamity15, ranch23, ranch26, mc-Ets for four10, nonary20, overseer17, mc-Auriianna (152, MC/22)
- Traded Jun: my uroboros24, uroboros29, uroboros30 for murder01, murder15, candies12 (148)
- Traded Coco: my goldenapple07, mc-Ets for murder22, mc-Coco (145, MC/21)
- Traded Vanja: my tvworld02, soulshift06, diamonddust06, diamonddust10, diamonddust11, diamonddust15 for ambidex08, three03, cravat07, cravat11, cravat12, cravat14 (144)
- Traded Pixeluna: my bachelor08, lockpick04, lockpick06, lockpick09, lockpick14, lockpick15, humanity02, humanity05, humanity11, humanity12, humanity19, humanity23, humanity24, humanity29, mc-Ets for three13, three15, ambidex11, nonary04, nonary07, nonary12, nonary14, nonary16, two03, two07, two09, two11, two12, mc-Pixeluna (133, MC/20)
- Traded Manda: my aspirations09, aspirations22, mc-Ets for wish05, mc-Manda (113, MC/19)

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Personal trade policy

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Low Priority: I will only trade these out for cards in my Collecting decks.

Far Futures: How I deal with these cards varies depending on the TCG. Please read the paragraph above that section.

Trading: Please offer me cards from my Collecting or Futures. I would also be happy to accept deck release/wish slots. If you're a trade buddy, I'll trade these for anything. If not, link your trade pile and I will find something :)

Forum/DW rewards: If you see that I've earned a card in a forum/DW post but have not added it to my trade post yet, feel free to email me about that card; I'll be glad to take trades for them.

Dear trade buddies:

Feel free to use the eTCG form to reserve any cards you need in my trade pile. Offer me 'card00' if you're not sure what to offer.

Also, please consider any eTCG requests for cards in my trade pile automatically approved once you send them in (assuming you are asking for cards in my trade pile and offering cards I want). You can add them to your trading piles directly.

If you need any cards in any of my sections (even Collecting) for the last few cards to master a deck, just drop me a message.

Thank you, lovely people!