19 Apr 2016:
Cleaned up the site. TCGs that I have returned to have been marked with a star :)
I will still accept trades on the others in the navbar.

Click here to access the list of when my trade piles were last updated

Request a trade/get in touch

e-mail: ets.tcg[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Feel free to message me at this TCG-specific address regarding trades!
You'll probably get the fastest response via the trade form, but if you prefer to email, it's no problem as well :) Please note that I may respond to forum/DW trade posts a little more slowly compared to trade form/email requests.

Personal trade policy

I've updated this on the sidebar instead. Trade buddies, please take note!

hello and welcome! this TCG homepage belongs to ets.
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Personal trade policy

Collecting, High Priority: Please do not request for cards in these sections unless I offer the cards first.

Low Priority: I will only trade these out for cards in my Collecting decks.

Far Futures: How I deal with these cards varies depending on the TCG. Please read the paragraph above that section.

Trading: Please offer me cards from my Collecting or Futures. I would also be happy to accept deck release/wish slots. If you're a trade buddy, I'll trade these for anything. If not, link your trade pile and I will find something :)

Forum/DW rewards: If you see that I've earned a card in a forum/DW post but have not added it to my trade post yet, feel free to email me about that card; I'll be glad to take trades for them.

Dear trade buddies:

Feel free to use the eTCG form to reserve any cards you need in my trade pile. Offer me 'card00' if you're not sure what to offer.

Also, please consider any eTCG requests for cards in my trade pile automatically approved once you send them in (assuming you are asking for cards in my trade pile and offering cards I want). You can add them to your trading piles directly.

If you need any cards in any of my sections (even Collecting) for the last few cards to master a deck, just drop me a message.

Thank you, lovely people!